The Next Big Thing in 10 Golden Rules of Bodybuilding

The Next Big Thing in 10 Golden Rules of Bodybuilding is a little bit change to approach that will help you to build your dream body as early as possible if you follow these rules perfectly.

Guys if you want to be a bodybuilder and also want to build serious muscle tissues than there are some rules which you cannot ignore. So let’s know about these rule:


Progressive Overload:

If you look at some best bodybuilder than you will know that these bodybuilders and freakishly strong, Bodybuilders like Kai Greene, Arnold, Phil Heath, Jay Cutler etc. follow progressive overload technique to look big and they perform productive training sessions with heavy weights to get stronger and bigger.



For muscle building you need to take protein, carbs and fats in perfect amount. Best rules of nutrition is that you should take high protein and high carbs on training days and take high protein and high fat on rest days. Protocols like carb cycle are also important for muscle building.



Supplements are also a small part of these 10 golden rules of bodybuilding. Protein Shakes are great way to increase protein intake. Some other supplements like creatine, multivitamin, BCAA are also important for bodybuilders.



You need protein for muscle recovery and muscle gains. Foods like chicken, eggs, dairy, leafy green vegetables, nuts are good sources of protein. Most bodybuilders take 150 to 200 g protein daily and also add protein shakes to their diet.



You have to push yourself hard in the gym. For Body, muscle building is not a natural thing so you have to perform workout with higher intensity. You have to put your 100% effort in the workout.



Nutrition, Sleep, Massages, Foam Rolling, Stretching etc. play an important role in bodybuilding. With hard training, you need recovery so that you can continuously train hard. Most important recovery strategy is to take sleep at least 8 hours at night, taking proper nutrition and avoiding junk foods, alcohol etc.



Most of the pro bodybuilders are aware of the weights they used in their existing workout sessions. and they try to lift more in their next workout session. You have to track your workout to get desired results fast.


Mind to Muscle Connection:

In bodybuilding muscles are pumped and damaged. That’s why top bodybuilder target individual muscle groups to achieve better pump and contraction. While performing workout use proper weight with proper form to develop mind to muscle connection.



You need to add variety to your exercise to give new stimulus to your muscles. Most bodybuilders change their workout routine within 8 to 12 weeks and this variety shock muscle and instantly increase muscle growth.


Coaching: To be an elite bodybuilder, you need a coach. All top pro bodybuilder have coach and this extra support help them to win the contest and with the help of your coach you can do smart work.


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If you want to become a bodybuilder, or just want to pack on some serious muscle tissue, there are some things which cannot be ignored. These are the core fundamentals of Bodybuilding.

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