Amazing Benefits of Arg 9 L-Arginine for Bodybuilding

Many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts use Arg 9 L-Arginine sachet as a pre workout supplement to enhance energy and for strength & muscle building.

In Bodybuilding and Weight Lifting L-Arginine help you to increase Growth Hormones release in your muscles and it also increases your Fat Metabolism. It helps in lean muscle building.


L-Arginine helps in increasing your endurance and more blood flow reach your muscles. This leads to more oxygen and essential nutrients delivery to the muscles which boost your performance and enhance muscle development.

L-Arginine is an amino acid which you can get from diet also. Whole Wheat, Chickpeas, dairy products, nuts, oats, red meat, seeds, soy products etc. are good sources of l-arginine.

L-Arginine supplement is used for treatment of high blood pressure, Erectile Dysfunction, Heart related issues.

Arg 9 Ingredients

Arg 9 Sachet is a mixture of biological active and important nutrients that are used for many health issues. But now a days many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts use arg 9 for muscle building and increasing fat metabolism.

Each 5 gram sachet of arg 9 contains ingredients like L-Arginine – 3 gram and Proanthocyanidin – 75 mg as Granules which you can consume orally or consult your doctor regarding its dose.

Arg 9 Price

Arg 9 supplement is manufactured by Nouveau Medicament Pvt. Ltd. company. The price of 5 gram sachet of Arg 9 is ₹41 which you can buy from any nearby chemist store or online using the link below –

Arg 9 uses and Benefits

  • It is used to lower high blood pressure during pregnancy and prevent birth defects. In this case, you must use it under some expert doctor supervision.
  • It helps in improving athletic performance in sports person. It is helpful in improving immune system.
  • It fight with infection inside the body and improve male fertility.
  • It prevents ED (Erectile Dysfunction) like issues.
  • Arg 9 granules are good for cardiovascular health and provide some benefits in urinary tract infections.
  • This supplement helps in repairing injured muscles and provide fast recovery after workout.
  • It minimized healing time and prevent bone injuries.
  • L-Arginine increases the synthesis of Nitric Oxide. It creates natural chemical vasodilation effect in the blood vessels which leads to more blood flow in the veins.
  • It increase nutrients delivery to the muscle and glucose protein supply to the muscle tissue during exercise.
  • Due to these reasons Arg 9 L-Arginine increases muscle gains after a heavy weight workout.
  • It promotes muscle tissue growth, improve recovery and elevate muscle soreness. It gives you stronger pumps and make your muscle harder and toned after workout.

Arg 9 Dosage

A healthy individual can take its 3 to 5 gram dose for bodybuilding per day 30 minutes before your workout with water. It helps in quick restoration of muscles during a demanding exercise.

It accelerate muscle development. Some bodybuilders also use it as a post workout supplement. Using it at bed time helps in growth hormone production during sleep.

Avoid its long term consumption. You can consume it for 4 to 6 weeks for bodybuilding than stop using it for next 2 months and after that you can continue its use if you want some benefit.

Long term use can cause some side effects to you so avoid using it for long term use. Try to use it only on hard workout days like leg and chest workout. Otherwise avoid using this supplement.

Arg 9 Side Effects

Minimum side effects are reported with the use of arg 9 in healthy individuals. If you are suffering from any kind of health problem than avoid using such supplements and always take doctor help before trying these supplements.

If you overdose arg 9 than it can cause serious health issues. This supplement increases effects of nitric oxide in the body. If you are using some sex power boosting supplements or have some asthma symptoms than avoid using arg 9.

It may lower your blood pressure or may have issues like nausea and diarrhea. In such cases consult your doctor immediately. Those persons who have issues related to kidney and liver may avoid using it.

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