Best Computer Fundamentals True or False Quiz

True or false  (Computer Fundamentals True or False Questions and Answers) : This is a kind of quiz of True or False with which you can get some information about computer fundamentals topics.

Computer Fundamentals True or False

#1. The processing of one program after the other without user intervention is an example of batch processing.

#2. OCR is a device that scans written or typed text and transforms it into computer readable form.

#3. Access to data stored on magnetic tape is random.

#4. Logical errors in a program can be identified by the computer.

#5. Computer can be used for education.

#6. The main advantage of computer graphics is that it substantially increase productivity.

#7. The group of 8 bits is used to represent a byte.

#8. ALU is a part of CPU.

#9. The floppy disk having program in it, is not a magnetic storage device.

#10. Computer software is normally classified as system software and application software.

#11. Computers cannot help in decision making process.

#12. Set of instructions given to the computer is called a program.



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