Best ways to increase HGH levels naturally in Hindi

Best ways to increase HGH levels naturally in Hindi: Hello Guys, HGH ek anabolic amino acid hai jo synthesized, stored aur secrete hota hai aapke brain main by somatotropin cell of pituitary gland.


What is HGH(Human Growth Hormone)? HGH Kya Hai?

HGH ek hormone hai jo brain main produce hota hai aur aapko grow karne main help karta hai.

HGH bones aur muscles ki growth stimulate karta hai proteins, fats aur carbohydrates ko metabolize karke.

Pituitary gland HGH ko release karti hain jab hum exercise karte hain aur sahi food lene se. Jaise aapki age badti jaati hai vaisey HGH ki production kam hone lagti hai.

Aur yeh deficiency 20 years ki age ke baad se hi ho sakti hai jis se lean body mass aur bone density kam ho sakti hai aur body fat abdominal area pe bad jata hai.

Aur HGH kam hone se aap older feel karne lagte hain aur older dikhte hain. Kuch logon ko HGH deficiency adult age main hi ho jati hai but kuch ways hain jinse aap hgh levels naturally boost kar sakte hain.


What affect your HGH Production?

Exercise, stress, emotional excitement, diet aur ageing sabhi ka affect padta hai hgh production pe. Isiliye hgh ke baare main janna zaroori hai.


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Chaliye jante hain kuch tips ke bare main jinhain aap carefully follow karke naturally HGH production bada sakte hain.


Best ways to increase HGH(Human Growth Hormone) levels naturally in hindi | How can I increase my HGH?

1. Avoid Sugar after workout (Workout ke baad sugar ko avoid karen)

Sugars specially fructose ko consume karna after exercise galat hai issey aapka hypothalamus samotostatin release hota hai jo HGH production ko kam karta hai.

Simple sugars ka glycemic index high hota hai jis se insulin level spike karta hai aur HGH release band hota hai.

Agar aap training ke baad HGH ko badana chahte hain than protein shake ko water ke saath lein aur high glycemic index carbs ko nahi lein.


2. Get more Sleep (Zyada neendh lein)

Achi quality sleep lena aapki whole body ke liye acha hai. Jab aap sote hain tab aap bahut se sleep cycles se guzarte hain.

Stage 3 aur stage 4 sleep cycles ko slow wave sleep cycle kehte hain jab HGH body main release hota hai.

So isi liye ek quality sleep lene se bhi hgh release ko optimize kar sakte hain.


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3. Reduce Body Fat Levels (Body Fat Levels ko kam karen)

Aapki natural HGH production directly body fat amount se linked hai.

Body fat ko normal ya lower range main rakhne se aap hgh ki normal production optimize kar sakte hain.


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4. High Intensity Training

hiit to increase hgh

High Intensity Interval Training bhi HGH levels ko badati hai.

Aap 30 seconds running sprint, cycling sprint, rowing sprint ya swimming sprint jaisi interval training kar sakte hain aur rest 1 minute tak lein between sprints.

In exercises ko week main ek se do baar karne se HGH increase hota hai.


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5. Take amino acids (Amino acids ko lein)

amino acids to increase hgh

Arginine aur Lysine kaafi ache amino acids hai HGH boost karne ke liye but inhain before bed lena chahiye best HGH results ke liye.

Glutamine amino acid bhi plasma HGH ko increase karta hai. In amino acids ko combination main ya alag – alag bhi liya ja sakta hai.


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So guys yeh hain kuch ways jinko follow karke HGH ko naturally badaya ja sakta hai.

Thanks for Reading.

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