Computer Operating System MCQ questions and True or False Quiz

By | November 13, 2021

Computer Operating System MCQ questions and True or False Quiz: This is a kind of quiz of MCQ and True or False with which you can get some information about computer GUI Based Operating System.

An operating system is a program that acts as an interface between a user and the computer hardware. The purpose of an operating system is to provide an environment in which a user can execute programs in a convenient and efficient manner.

The operating system must ensure the correct operations of the computer system. To prevent user programs from interfering with the proper operation of the system, the hardware must provide appropriate mechanism to ensure such proper behavior.

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Operating System mcq questions answers with true or false:


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#1. Printers can be classified by the method of their printing.

#2. Icon is a picture or image that you can display on your desktop.

#3. An application can be uninstalled from which option?

#4. When you point to a button, its function will display in a ___________

#5. The opening screen consists of which of the following components?

#6. Software is a program that directs the overall operations of the computer, facilitates its use and interacts with the user. What are the different types of this software?

#7. Title bar is at the top most line of the window.

#8. Just side to Start is a search box.

#9. A file deleted from disk drive A: in windows goes to ______________

#10. Programs available in Pen drive are always virus free.

#11. How many scroll bars can be visible on the document area if your documents is over 200% ?

#12. An optical disk is a secondary storage device of the computer system.

#13. ____________ is the screen background and main area of windows where you can open and manage files and programs.

#14. The ___________ provides access to all the active applications by maintaining a row of open application title boxes.

#15. GUI (Graphical user interface) is an interface between

#16. Windows control panel gives you access to all of your computer's settings and enables you to install and remove programs.

#17. Light pen and joystick are both pointing devices.

#18. An application can be opened through shortcut on desktop by

#19. The term operating system means ____________

#20. An operating system is :

#21. What is the meaning of Hibernate in Windows 7?

#22. Windows __________ is the newest version of the Windows operating system.

#23. The operating system serves as a software interface between the user and the ___________

#24. A folder cannot contain files as well as sub folders.

#25. Recycle bin does not allow you to easily recover deleted files and folders in windows.



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