MS DOS MCQ Online Test Questions and Answers – Operating System

MS Dos MCQ Online Test Questions and Answers Quiz: This is a kind of quiz of MCQ  with which you can get some information about MS DOS (Disk Operating System).

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MS Dos MCQ Online Test Questions and Answers Quiz:


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#1. Which command is used to set a name to a disk in DOS?

#2. In Ms-Dos which command you will use to display system date?

#3. Which command displays the list of all previous commands entered by the user?

#4. …….transforms one interface into another interface

#5. Which command is used to see the version?

#6. While working with MS-DOS, which command is used to move file from one directory to another?

#7. Which command in DOS can be used to recover accidentally deleted files?

#8. Which command is used to delete the directory that is empty?

#9. Multiprogramming system

#10. Which command creates a directory or subdirectory?

#11. The primary purpose of an operating system is…..

#12. Which of the following operating does not implement multitasking truly?

#13. Only filenames and extensions are to be displayed in wide format, which command you’ll use?

#14. . …is the first program run on a computer when the computer boots up

#15. ….is the layer of a computer system between the hardware and the user program

#16. Which command is used to see the disk volume label?

#17. Which command lists the contents of current directory of a disk?

#18. Which command is used to see the contents of a file?

#19. If you don’t know the current time, which command will you use to display

#20. What is the full form of DOS?

#21. ….share characteristics with both hardware and software

#22. Which is valid extension that user creates on operating system?

#23. . ………. runs on computer hardware and serve as platform for other software to run on

#24. …..interface consists of things like program counter, registers, interrupts and terminals



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