Effective Exercises to build Muscles Fast for Beginners

Hello guys and welcome to amandeepcreations.com. In this post you will know about some of the true and effective exercises to build muscles that are very beneficial for beginners.

Without any doubt, the best muscle building exercises for beginners are compound exercises because compound exercises use more than one muscle groups during the movement.

Compound exercises help beginners to grow new and strong muscles. One more benefit of compound exercises is that these exercises help you to train your full body. You can add one compound exercise to your workout routine to get its benefits. Compound exercises are one of the best muscle building exercises for beginners.


Exercises to build Muscles Fast for Beginners | What are the best exercises for Muscle Gain ?

The exercises given below are the best exercises which you can include in your workout routine to increase your muscle gains. If you are beginner and want to build muscle fast than these exercises will definitely helps you to increase muscle mass.


Bench Press : 

Bench Press exercises uses primary chest muscles and secondary shoulder and triceps muscles. You can perform bench press exercises on flat bench using over hand grip.

While performing the movement move the bar down in slow and controlled form and after touching the chest take the bar to the starting position and fully squeeze your chest and feel the muscle contraction. Bench Press exercise is one of the best exercise to develop your upper body.


Squats :

Squats is best exercise to develop legs muscle mass and core strength. Every pro athlete, bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast add this exercise to his/her workout routine because squat increase your lower body strength which is must to get a best body and it also helps in increasing your testosterone levels.

While performing squat movement, spread your feet up to shoulder width to get best muscular shape and balance. While performing squats use medium weights with which you can perform at least 10-12 reps or much more than that and don’t go too heavy while performing this move.


Dead lift :

Dead Lift is one of the hardest compound exercise but this exercise is the most effective muscle building exercise specially for beginners.

While performing dead lift keep your back straight to prevent yourself from injury and to get more muscle building results. Use belt while performing this move and as a beginner don’t go too heavy otherwise this movement can be injurious for you.


Pull ups :

Pull ups is an excellent upper body strength and muscle building exercise. This exercise helps in building your upper back, lats, arms and shoulders.

You can do pull ups by using under hand grip and over hand grip to focus on different muscle groups. Start by doing 4-5 reps and than increase your to 15-20 reps per set.

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Exercises to Build Muscles at Home | Muscle Gain Workout Plan at Home 

If you want to gain muscles at home and have no time to go to the gym or for some others reasons you can’t go to gym than there are some exercises that you can do at home to build muscles fast at home. To gain Muscles at home you can do the following exercises:

Pull Up: Pull up is one of the best body weight exercises you can do at home by using some wall or you can buy a pull up bar from amazon online. Pull up is best to train your back, shoulder and biceps muscles. You can do pulls ups with different variations according to your choice to build muscles.

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Push Up: Push up is the basic and most effective muscle build exercise you can do at home or anywhere. While performing push ups add some variations like you can do close hand push ups, wide hand push ups, diamond push ups etc. These variations help you to build chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders and also helps you to build strong core muscles.

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Squat: You can also perform squat at home by using some heavy material from home. To increase your squats intensity you can perform 50 to 100 repetitions or increase the load by adding more weight. Perform shoulder width, close width and wide width squats to increase the intensity.

Dips: Dips is best exercise to increase your arms size because it trains your triceps muscles. You can perform dips at home by using some chair or table.

Abs: Abs are very important for your physique and specially when you want to look like a fitness model. You do crunches, leg raises, hanging leg raises exercise at home to build abs muscle. You can also do planks to make your core muscle look great.

You can perform all the above exercises to build muscles at home. Perform repetitions as per your choice and can do 3 to 4 sets of each exercise to see the results.


Watch the video exercises to build muscle fast for Beginners:



Muscle Building Diet Tips for Beginners

After workout you need to recover your muscle to build them bigger and stronger. Diet is very important for bodybuilding and 70% of your results depend on your diet. So, focus on your diet properly to get muscle building results.

You can include high protein foods like protein shakes, Dairy products (milk, cheese, curd etc.) , lean meat, chicken, eggs, beans, nuts, seeds etc. to your diet to get high protein content. Also take good fats from fatty fish like tuna, salmon etc. Include seeds like flex seeds, chia seeds to get good fat. Consume good carbs in your diet and avoid processed and sugary foods items.

For instant muscle recovery after your workout, drink a protein shake within 30 minutes after workout and take carb and protein rich meal within 45 minutes to 1 hour after workout to get best recovery.


So guys these are some best muscle building compound exercises for beginners which help them to increase muscle growth faster. After workout refuel your body with good diet and muscle building supplement. And recovery is very important because muscle only grow if they get repaired from their damage.

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