8 Foods to avoid after workout | Foods you should never eat

8 Foods to avoid after workout | Foods you should never eat: Guys when you come back after hitting gym than you need post-workout snack because you lose all your nutrients during the workout but you’re unsure what to eat after workout.

8 Foods to avoid After Workout | Foods you should never eat after Exercise


1. Fast Food

8 Foods you should never eat after a Workout

Eating fast foods after workout add a large dose of bad trans fats in your body and by doing this, you waste all your workout. In place of fast food eat potassium rich foods like banana or avocado which are best for post workout.


2. Coffee

8 Foods you should never eat after a Workout

Many people consume coffee after their morning workout but it is wrong to take coffee after workout because you feel dehydrates by drinking coffee after workout So in place of coffee using water after workout is best.


3. Soda

8 Foods you should never eat after a Workout

Avoid using soda after workout and by using soda after workout you may feel bloated. You need to be hydrated after exercise and soda does not help you to be hydrated after workout.


4. Fried Eggs

8 Foods you should never eat after a Workout


In general, eggs are great source of protein and some other nutrients so eggs can be consumed after workout but eating fried eggs is wrong because fried eggs contain saturated fats. So after workout use boiled eggs instead of fried eggs or you can take protein shake.


5. Cheese 

8 Foods you should never eat after a Workout

Highly processed and fat rich cheese is a wrong choice for post workout nutrition. So never consume cheese after exercise and instead of cheese you can use yogurt or protein shake.


6. Pastries

8 Foods you should never eat after a Workout


After workout body need high quality carbs to replace glycogen. Pastries are not a good snack option for post workout nutrition. Pastries contain unhealthy carbs, salt, sugar, fat and calories so never consume pastries after exercise.


7. Peanut Butter 

8 Foods you should never eat after a Workout


Taking protein after workout is a good option but it should not have high fat levels. Peanut butter contain fat which slower digestion so avoid using peanut butter after workout.

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8. Energy Bars

8 Foods you should never eat after a Workout

Energy bars are used to boost workout and these are best when taken pre-workout but never take energy bars post workout because energy bars have high sugar levels which slow down metabolism.

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What should eat after Workout?

Eating perfect post workout foods will help you to achieve your fitness goals. When you workout than your body use stored glycogen as a source of energy for that workout. Secondly, you breakdown your muscle tissue during workout.

Now to refuel glycogen, you need to eat carbohydrates and to repair damaged muscle tissues you need to eat protein. So your post workout must have right combination of carbohydrates with protein.

You can consume your after workout meal in the ratio of 3:1 carb to protein ratio. You can change this ratio according to your goals.

Don’t consume good fats in post workout because fat slowdown the absorption of nutrients.


Food Items to consume after workout are:

Eggs(without yolk), milk(without fat), Fish, Chicken, Protein Powder(Whey Protein), Watermelon Juice(L-Citrulline), Banana, Sweet Potato, Pine Apple, White Rice etc.


What happens if you don’t eat after workout?

If you don’t eat after workout or don’t take proper nutrients after workout than it can cause muscle imbalances. You will not recovery your damaged muscles in time and this leads to muscle damage instead of muscle building. And you will not be able to achieve your muscle growth goals till you change your diet routine.


So these are some foods which should never be consumed after workout.

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