Internet Mock Test MCQ Questions and True or False Quiz

Internet and Networking Mock Test MCQ Questions and True or False Quiz: This is a kind of quiz of MCQ and True or False with which you can get some information about Internet and Networking related terms.

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Internet and Networking Mock Test MCQ Questions and True or False Quiz:


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#1. Internet is a network of

#2. Web pages are uniquely identified using

#3. The World Wide Web is composed of

#4. Absolute URL uses

#5. News groups are

#6. ISP stands for

#7. When you started a Web browser, the first page that gets loaded into the browser is called:

#8. Which of the following protocol is used by Internet mail?

#9. The WWW standard allows programmers on many different computer platforms to show the information on a server. Such programmers are known as:

#10. All Web addresses start with which of the following?

#11. IP address number varies from

#12. Which among the following web browser is freely available no the Internet?

#13. Which of the following terms is a browser?

#14. Internet requires

#15. Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Google & Netscape Navigator arc examples of

#16. The computer or server on the Internet is also known as

#17. What can you do with the Internet?

#18. Computers on the Internet owned and operated by education institution form part of the



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