Krill vs Fish Oil: Which is better for your overall health?

Know the best information about Krill Oil and Fish Oil Supplements and decide which one is better for your overall health.


What is Fish Oil?


Fish Oil is prepared from oily fish like anchovy, mackerel and salmon which is one of the most popular dietary supplement in the world. Almost every sportsmen use Omega 3 fatty acids for its health related benefits. Omega 3 fatty acids come in two types: EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid).

Many researches prove that both of these ingredients EPA and DHA improve brain and heart health and they have positive influence on your cholesterol levels.



What is Krill Oil?


Krill Oil is an alternative product which is also rich in EPA and DHA. Some people believe that krill oil has more health benefits than fish oil. In this article we will analyze the difference between Krill oil and fish oil so that you can understand which supplement is best for your health.

Majority of people know about fish oil very well but only few people are familiar with krill oil supplement. Krill Oil is prepared from shell fish of Antarctic. This Krill Oil is the food of small sea creatures like seals, penguins etc.


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Krill vs Fish Oil: Differences and Similarities


  • Like Fish Oil, Krill Oil is also rich in EPA and DHA that ensure its health benefits. Fatty Acids available inside Krill Oil are structurally different from fatty acids in fish oil. Krill Oil look is different from fish oil.
  • Fish Oil is usually yellow in colour but krill oil is red in colour because it contains naturally occurring anti oxidant astaxanthin.
  • Both Fish Oil and Krill Oil are perfect sources of EPA and DHA but some research studies suggest that organisms absorb fatty acids of krill oil in a better way than fish oil.
  • Fish Oil fatty acids are in the form of triglycerides while krill oil fatty acids are in the form of phospho lipids. According to a 72 hours study, those persons who take krill oil have more concentration of EPA and DHA in the body compared with fish oil. Results showed that krill oil has better absorption than fish oil.
  • Krill Oil gives more heart health related benefits than fish oil. Fish Oil is known for its positive influence on heart health but fewer studies prove that krill oil also improves heart health and with higher extent.
  • Krill oil is effective in lowering blood sugar levels and bad cholesterol than fish oil supplement.
  • But fish oil’s one advantage is that it is cheaper and easily available from any chemist shop. Krill Oil’s purchasing cost is more than fish oil.
  • Krill oil is 10 times more expensive than fish oil supplement.



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Krill vs Fish Oil: Which is Better?

Both these supplements are best sources of omega 3 fatty acids. Studies showed that krill oil is better than fish oil to some extent. But their price has a huge difference. If you can afford an expensive supplement than you can try krill oil supplement but before using any of these supplement consult some professional healthcare consultant.

If you want an EPA and DHA supplement at a reasonable price than fish oil is a best solution for you.



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