MS Word Mock Test MCQ Questions and True or False Quiz

Ms Word Mock Test MCQ questions and True or False Quiz: This is a kind of quiz of MCQ and True or False with which you can get some information about Elements of Word Processing Package Microsoft Word.

MS Word is the most common application package to create, edit, and print documents using a computer. To perform word processing, you need a computer, a special program called a word processor, and a printer. A word processor enables you to create a document, store it electronically on a disk, display it on a screen, modify it by entering commands and characters from keyboard and print it using printer.

The great advantage of Microsoft Word is that you can make changes without retyping mistakes, you simply backup the cursor and correct your mistake. MS Word helps you to manipulate words and phrases. You can change typed letter, document and report easily and store them for future use.

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MS Word Mock Test MCQ Question Answers and True or False:


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#1. What Ribbon do you use to change margin?

#2. Which ribbon shows the fonts available for use?

#3. Word text can be made Italic by

#4. What can be shown on the status bar?

#5. You specify the save details of your file in the

#6. What is the term used for the word processing program that you show directly on the PC screen the appearance of your final document as you might expect when the document is printed on the paper.

#7. To highlight the paragraph, double-click in the selection bar next to the paragraph.

#8. Word offers certain ways by which you can move around in a document

#9. Margins are the distances between the text and edges of the paper.

#10. After a table has been created, which of the following operations cannot be performed?

#11. In Word you can align the selected paragraph to its right by pressing

#12. Word automatically places a default left aligned tab stop at every

#13. MS Word was developed by Microsoft to overcome the limitation of MS-DOS Operating System.

#14. Italic character are slanted than regular character.

#15. A blank line is also called as a paragraph. It is called as an Empty Paragraph.

#16. You cannot undo certain operations like saving, printing, opening and creating documents.

#17. In MS Word maximum options are available in Ribbon.

#18. When word gets loaded, the opening screen displays a document named:

#19. What is the name of the small toolbar at the top that can show the save disk and Undo?

#20. Which ribbon will you use to add chart in MS Word?



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