Rocket crashed into the moon on March 4, 2022

According to National Geographic, on 4th March, 2022 at around 7:25 am ET, a rocket part collided with the moon surface as per predictions.

This crash was not visible to the humans, but this crash created a plume of dust that mat have appeared for hours on the surface of moon.

Some Astronauts believe that this crash of rocket part is into the moon’s far side in 350 mile wide Hertzsprung crater.

It is believed that it would create a 65 foot wide crater but the area of impact is not visible with the Earth’s Telescope.

As per NASA, they are trying to identify the exact impact site on the moon by using their Lunar Orbiter and checking any potential changing to the lunar environment.

But the search for the crash impact will be challenging and it may take some months to know about the exact situation happened.

Who’s Crashed Rocket is this?

There is a confusion over this rocket. The rocket could belong to Elon Musk Space x excursion. Or it could belong to China’s Chang’e 5-T1 mission. which was launched in 2014.

But the country of the origin of the crashed rocket is not confirmed that may impact the moon.

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