Surprising Benefits of Taurine for Bodybuilding in Hindi

Benefits of Taurine for Bodybuilding along with Side Effects, Dosage, Timing & Precautions


Shayad aapne Taurine word ka naam pehle bhi suna hoga. Agar aap un persons mein se hai jo frequently red bull jaise energy drinks peete hai toh aapne taurine word ko red bull can ke back pe ingredients ke saath dekha hoga. Aur ek reason hai red bull drink me isey add karne ke peeche.

So aaj hum baat karenge Taurine ke Bodybuilding benefits ke saath iske side effects aur dosage ki.  Toh chaliye jante hai taurine ke bare me.



Taurine kya hai – What is Taurine ?

Taurine ek organic compound hai, ek naturally occuring amino acid hai jo high concentration me paya jata hai white blood cells, skeletal muscle, central nervous system aur heart muscles me. 

Yeh bile ka major component hai. Bile help karta hai fat ki digestion ke liye in humans. Bile large intestine me hota hai.


Benefits of Taurine for Bodybuilding – Taurine Essential ya Non Essential Amino Acid hai

Voh log jo in terms ko pehle bhi jante hai toh unke doubts clear karne ke liye unhe pata hona chahiye ki amino acids kya hote hai.

Amino Acids basic building block of protein hote hai aur yeh do main types me categorised kiye hai. 

  • Essential Amino Acids
  • Non Essential Amino Acids


Essential Amino Acids body khud nahi bana sakti inhein food ya supplement se lena padta hai aur total 9 essential amino acids hote hai.


Non Essential Amino Acids body khud bana sakti hai but in me se kuch ko conditionally essential bhi kaha jata hai kyunki conditionally essential amino acids ki external dosage bhi essential hoti hai physical stress condition me jab body inhein sufficient amount me nahi produce karti.


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Kuch Conditionally Essential Amino Acids hai – Glutamine, Arginine, Cysteine aur Taurine.



Taurine possibly kya kar sakta hai or Benefits of Taurine for Bodybuilding:-

Sabhi supplements har person par ek jaisa kaam nahi karte. Supplement ke effects subjective ho sakte hai. Chaliye jaante hai taurine ke bodybuilding benefits ke bare mein.


1. Strength Gains:

Taurine creatine ki tarah act karta hai aur cell me hydration bada deta hai. Is se muscle fuller dikhta hai aur yeh direct stinulus bhi provide karta hai anabolism ke liye ya muscle growth ke liye.


2. Fat Oxidation:

Studies ke hisaab se taurine ki 1.6g tak dose exercise se pehle lene se fat oxidation badti hai.


3. Improved pumps and Athletic Performance:


Taurine ko use karne se muscle fibers me electrical signals better way se transmit hote hai jis se muscle performance badti hai and is se gains bhi enhance hote hai. Is se body ki oxygen transport and use karne ki capacity bhi badti hai.

4. Taurine aur Stress:

Taurine me ability hoti hai central nervous system ko calm karne ki. Yeh help karta hai anxiety aur stress level ko kam karne me because yeh conditionally essential amino acid hai toh iski requirement zyada ho sakti hai jab athlete physical aur mental stress me ho.


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Taurine ke kuch sources:

Taurine ke kuch dietary sources hai Fish, Meat, Chicken, Egg, Whole milk aur cheese.


Benefits of Taurine for Bodybuilding – Taurine Supplement Dosage (Pre Workout)

Taurine ka koi bhi achi brand ka supplement consume kiya ja sakta hai so taurine ko 1 se 2 gram a day workout se 30 minutes pehle liya ja sakta hai.


Isey 3-4 weeks tak le sakte hai but isey regularly consume nahi karen. Isey sirf hard workout aur physical activity wale din par hi use karen before that workout.


Taurine Side Effects

Taurine ke use ke koi negative effects nahi hai agar isey recommended dose mein liya jaye . Is Supplement ko lene se koi direct issues nahi hai aur bahut se energy drinks me yeh paya jata hai. Haan iske large dose ko lene se side effects ho sakte hai so iski large dose nahi lein. Aur jin logon ko kigney se related koi issues hai vo bhi isey avoid karen.



Agar aapko energy drink se koi allergy hai ya aap kuch aur pre workout supplements ya medicines le rahe ho than isey nahi lein aur lene se pehle kisi healthcare expert se consult karke hi isey use karen.



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