Benefits of Vitamin C Celin 500 | Celin 500 Tablet Uses

In this article, we will give you best information about one of the best chewable vitamin c tablet celin 500 tablet.


Along with its health related benefits vitamin c also provide bodybuilding benefits and celin 500 is that vitamin c tablet which contains sufficient amount of vitamin c.

Celin 500 Price

Celin tablet is manufactured by Glaxosmithkline Pharmaceuticals Limited company. Its 1 strip contain 25 tablets and its pack cost is Rs. 39 in India which is quiet affordable.

You can purchase this vitamin c tablet from your nearby chemist shop and a genuine buying link is also given below:

Composition of vitamin c celin 500 tablet:

Each tablet of celin 500 contain 500mg vitamin c or ascorbic acid.

Vitamin c is a water soluble vitamin. Like other mammals body, our body can’t prepare vitamin c on its own and that’s why we have to take it from diet or supplements.

Celin 500 Tablet Chewable or Not

Celin 500 vitamin c tablet is a chewable tablet but it does not mean that you have to consume it by chewing only.

You can consume this tablet directly with water without chewing which is up to you.

Celin 500 Uses:

  • Those persons who want to remain healthy must take vitamin c from diet regularly. Vitamin c helps in synthesis of carnitine like molecules. Carnitine transports fat to mitochondria so that fat can be used as energy and in this way less fat is stored in the body and body works more efficiently.
  • Celin 500 Vitamin c is highly productive and effective anti-oxidant. Vitamin c if taken in low quantity than also protects proteins, fats and carbohydrates from the damage caused by free radicals in the body and also protects body from toxins and pollutants damage.
  • Vitamin c produces tissues like collagen proteins and some other tissues. It helps in healing process and heals muscle fibers which lead to thick muscles growth.
  • Vitamin c prevents muscle breakdown. When you consume vitamin c, it gets converted into serotonin hormone that leads to lower releasing rate of stress hormone cortisol. Reduction of Cortisol helps in building myostatin like molecules and this prevents muscle breakdown.
  • Cortisol reduces testosterone production in the body and vitamin c supplement like vitamin c celin 500 tablet improve testosterone levels and increase anabolism which leads to more muscle building.
  • Vitamin c also helps in improving the recovery after workout. It prevents from colds and flu due to which you remain regular to your workout routine. That’s why every bodybuilder, athlete and some gym goers take vitamin c properly wither from diet or supplement like celin 500 tablet.

Celin 500 for Fairness

Celin 500 is an antioxidant that protects your body from the damage caused by free radicals.

It prevents diseases, allergies and environment related infections. It promotes collagen synthesis.

Collagen is a protein which helps in skin repair, wound healing and bone strength. In this way, celin vitamin c is good for skin health.

It prevents skin from all type of problems which indirectly help in skin fairness. It is also good for nails and hair health.

 Celin 500 for Cold

Celin 500 is not specifically designed to prevent cold like problems.

Vitamin C has been studied for many years for treatment of cold but experts have found no benefit of vitamin c celin for cold treatment.

A high dose of 2g to 3g may shorten the duration of cold but more studies are required related to this.

Fruits and Vegetables to take Vitamin c with their quantity:

  • Orange Juice third fourth cup has 75 mg of vitamin c.
  • Grape fruit juice third fourth cup has 60 mg vitamin c.
  • One medium orange has 70 mg vitamin c.
  • Half cup chopped raw tomato has 23 mg vitamin c.
  • Half cup cooked broccoli has 58 mg vitamin c.
  • One medium baked potato has 26 mg vitamin c.

Watch the video about Top 5 uses of vitamin c celin 500 for bodybuilding:

Recommended Dosage of Vitamin c:

For Adults, the daily recommended dose of vitamin c is 95 mg per day and its upper tolerable limit is 2000 mg or 2 g per day.

Those persons who can’t do any physical activity can take 95 mg of vitamin c from food.

But for bodybuilders, athletes and hard gym goers, this dose of 95 mg is not sufficient. So these athletes can take 500 mg to 1000 mg vitamin c per day.

How to take Celin 500?

You can take 1-2 tablet of celin 500 mg on training days.

1 tablet before workout and 1 tablet after workout. On non training days, you can take only 1 tablet of celin 500 after breakfast.

In this way you can get and maintain adequate levels of vitamin c int the body.

Vitamin c is a water soluble vitamin so body use it as per the requirement and the rest of the vitamin is flushed out off the body through urine.

This vitamin c is not so toxic that’s why it has no side effects if taken in recommended dose but don’t exceed its upper limit which is 2 g a day.

Vitamin c one more benefit is that it helps in Nitric Oxide production during exercise.

Vitamin c protects those enzymes that produce Nitric Oxide and it protects nitric oxide production enzymes from free radicals.

Due to this you get better pump during workout.

Celin 500 Side Effects

Celin tablet is completely safe and there are less chance of side effects with this tablet if taken in recommended dose.

In rare case, some people experience headache, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, itching like side effects.

But these effects occur only if you overdose this tablet. If you experience any of these side effects than stop taking this supplement and consult your doctor related to this issue.

So this was some information about vitamin c celin 500 tablet with its benefits for overall health and bodybuilding.

If you like the article than share it with others, till than Stay Fit and Stay Healthy.


Q: What is Celin 500mg used for?

Ans. This tablet is used for vitamin c deficiency and to boost immunity.

Q: What is the best time to take celin 500?

Ans. You can take its 1 tablet after breakfast with water.

Q: Is 500mg of vitamin c safe?

Ans. 500mg vitamin c is safe if your are not taking vitamin c from diet. But you can take 500mg every alternate day to minimize any kind of side effect.

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