10 Greatest Bodybuilders of All Time

let’s look at a list of the top ten legends of bodybuilding: the all-time greats. 

10. Eugen Sandow 

He’s marked as one of the first bodybuilders that posed and lifted weights in front of an audience, which is why he is the statue that’s used for the Mr. Olympia 1st prize trophy.  

9. Sergio Oliva 

Sergio Oliva was a Cuban bodybuilder who came to first came prominence during the early 1960’s. 

8. Lee Haney 

Lee Haney rose to prominence as a bodybuilder during the early 1980’s and would go on to secure his first Olympia win in 1984. 

7. Jay Cutler 

Four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler is yet another one of the greatest bodybuilders ever.  he still has an impressive body. 

6. Franco Columbu  

Franco Columbu is an Italian man who’s considered by most to be one of the greats. Born in 1941 in a small town in Sardinia, Columbu was always an athlete. 

5. Dorian Yates 

Dorian Yates is an English Bodybuilder who has won the Mr. Olypmia title six consecutive times from 1992 to 1997.  

4. Frank Zane 

Frank Zane is an American bodybuilder who came to prominence during the “Golden Era” of bodybuilding during the 1970’s alongside guys like Arnold and Franco.  

3. Phil Heath 

Phil Heath is an American bodybuilder who has won six Mr. Olympia titles. He posses large quads, a massive and defined back, and arms larger than most peoples legs. 

2. Ronnie Coleman 

When we think of modern bodybuilding and bodybuilders, we think of guys like Ronnie Coleman. He secured his first Olympia win in 1998, and would go on to win it each year until 2005.  

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Obviously Arnold Schwarzenegger comes in at number one, as nearly everyone considers him to be the best bodybuilder of all-time, even by todays standards. Arnold defined the Golden Era of bodybuilding  

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