7 Golden Rules of Bodybuilding

Golden Rules of Bodybuilding is a little bit change to approach that will help you to build your dream body as early as possible if you follow these rules perfectly.

1. Progressive Overload

Bodybuilders like Kai Greene, Arnold, Phil Heath, Jay Cutler etc. follow progressive overload technique to look big and they perform productive training sessions with heavy weights to get stronger and bigger. 

2. Nutrition 

For muscle building you need to take protein, carbs and fats in perfect amount. Best rules of nutrition is that you should take high protein and high carbs on training days and take high protein and high fat on rest days.  

3. Supplements

Protein Shakes are great way to increase protein intake. Some other supplements like creatine, multivitamin, BCAA are also important for bodybuilders. 

4. Protein

You need protein for muscle recovery and muscle gains. Foods like chicken, eggs, dairy, leafy green vegetables, nuts are good sources of protein. Most bodybuilders take 150 to 200 g protein daily.

5. Intensity

You have to push yourself hard in the gym. For Body, muscle building is not a natural thing so you have to perform workout with higher intensity. 

6. Recovery

With hard training, you need recovery so that you can continuously train hard. Most important recovery strategy is to take sleep at least 8 hours at night.

7. Mind to Muscle Connection 

Top bodybuilder target individual muscle groups to achieve better pump and contraction. While performing workout use proper weight with proper form to develop mind to muscle connection. 

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