Truth about different types of Whey Protein – Which is best Protein?

This article will give you information about different types or forms of whey protein so that you can decide which is best whey protein form for you.


Whey Protein is an indispensable part of modern bodybuilding workout. New bodybuilding supplements are launching every other day and that’s why it is a challenge to select best supplement.


You have to take different type of diets and supplement to achieve your fitness goals. But the major ingredient which you need to achieve these goals is Protein.


Protein as a supplement derives from many sources like Soy or Pea or Dairy Products like Whey and Casein Protein. Whey Protein is known as the king of bodybuilding supplements because it helps in new muscle synthesis and muscle recovery.


Whey Protein is a by-product of the curdling process while preparing Cheese or Paneer. Whey is prepared from milk by bifurcate from many procedures. Whey Protein is of three types:-



Types of Whey Protein

  1. Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)
  2. Whey Protein Isolate (WPI)
  3. Whey Protein Hydrolyzate (WPH)


Whey Protein concentrate is prepared from ultra filtration and diafilteration of whey. It contain some other ingredients like fats and lactose along with protein content. Also it is a slow digesting whey protein.


Whey protein isolate is prepared from further purification of whey protein concentrate to remove nutrients other than protein. Isolate is purer than concentrate and it contains high dose of protein per serving.


Whey protein hydrolyzate is prepared by further hydrolyzing whey protein isolate. Whey protein’s this form digests very easily and it transfers very quickly to the muscle than other forms of protein. Though it has bitter taste and it is the most purest form of protein.


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Let’s compare types of whey protein in different terms so that you can decide which protein type is best for your goal.



Comparison of Types of Whey Protein in different Terms


In Terms of Protein:

  • Concentrate contain 30-80% protein per serving.
  • Isolate contain 90% protein per serving.
  • Hydrolyzate contain 90% protein but it is more effective because of its absorption rate.


In Terms of Amino Acids:

  • WPC has moderate amino acid profile.
  • WPI has highly rich amino acid profile.
  • WPH has some amino acids like leucine and Isoleucine in high quantity.


Types of Whey Protein In Terms of Lactose:

  • Concentrate has 5-50g lactose per 100g and it is not recommended to lactose intolerant person.
  • Isolate has at least 0.8g lactose per 100g and it is moderate for lactose intolerant person.
  • Hydrolyzate has about 0% amount of lactose which is ideal for lactose intolerant.


Watch the video about Whey Protein Concentrate vs Whey Protein Isolate:




In Terms of Taste:

  • WPC has good taste and it has lot of flavours.
  • WPI is mostly tasteless but there are some flavored isolate supplements available in the market now.
  • WPH is bitter in taste but some brands manufacture whey protein hydrolyzate flavored products also to reduces its bitterness.


In Terms of Mixability:

  • WPC mixes very well with blender or shaker.
  • WPI also mixes very well with blender or shaker.
  • WPH mixes best with shaker or blender but you have to consume it immediately after mixing for best results.


In Terms of Absorption:

  • Concentrate take more time to absorb because it has  some lactose content.
  • Isolate absorbs faster
  • Hydrolyzate has highest absorption rate and it provides quick recovery and muscle protein synthesis.


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So guys, these are the three forms of whey protein supplement and you can decide which one is best suitable for you as per your fitness and bodybuilding goal. If you like the post do share it with your friends and family members till than stay fit and stay healthy.


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